YouTube Shorts Is Testing In-App Shopping

The video sharing platform YouTube Shorts Is Testing In-App Shopping. It is experimenting on expanding shopping features, affiliate marketing, and more. YouTube is adding this new shopping features to its short form video service. This experiment is similar to that of its rivals, TikTok and Instagram. YouTube Shorts will let its users to make purchases as they scroll through feeds.

YouTube Shorts Is Testing In-App Shopping
YouTube Shorts Is Testing In-App Shopping

YouTube Shorts In-App Shopping

This feature is expected to roll out next year for U.S., Canada, Australia, Brazil, and India users. Creators in these regions will get a 45% share of ad revenue after the program is launched. The In-App Shopping feature will be extended to other countries in future.

Affiliate Marketing Program

Additional to the new shopping features, YouTube intend to add an affiliate marketing program. This is to pay select content creators a commission on sales generated by their product production.

According to YouTube’s Shopping General Manager, Michael Martin told Financial Times, “It is very much an endorsement model, versus a more traditional advertising model or a paid-placement model.” “Our goal is to focus on the best monetization opportunities for creators in the market.”

The affiliate marketing program is still in the early testing phase. And it is expected to roll out to more creators in year 2023.

Social Medias Seeks New Sources Of Revenue

In the period od decreased ad spending after the release of iOS 14.5, which let iPhone users to opt-out of tracking, social media sites have been seeking new ways to monetize content for themselves and creators.

For example, Facebook ended its live shopping service earlier this year to focus on Reels. This is its short-form video service competing with YouTube Shorts and TikTok. The Facebook Reels kept Facebook Lice but removed the ability for ecommerce merchants to tag products or create product playlists.

TikTOk has recently rolled out its in-app shopping feature to users in U.S. And this functionality is already available in U.K. and Indonesia letting users to purchase items without leaving the platform. TikTok is also building fulfillment centers in the United States as the company strives to capitalize on its billion of users worldwide.


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