What Jobs Can You Get With a Journalism Degree?

What Jobs Can You Get With a Journalism Degree? Do you have a journalism degree, or are you curious about what your career options should be? Sometimes it gets confusing trying to pick a career. However, having a better understanding of what opportunities and rewards each type of career offers can help you make a good choice.

What Jobs Can You Get With a Journalism Degree?
What Jobs Can You Get With a Journalism Degree?


Now, to answer the question “What Jobs Can You Get with a Degree in Journalism?”  we have written this very comprehensive article. Let’s get right into the discussion.

Is A Journalism Degree Worth It?

Yes, it’s worth it because it is a very rewarding degree. It has a very good outlook. Journalism is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.

One other thing that makes this a very interesting field is that it can help you develop certain core skills, such as writing, which are sought after in other industries.

Is Journalism A Good Degree?

A journalism degree is very good because journalism is a very good career path. However, it is not without its difficulties. Lots of people see this as a very interesting field. To succeed in this field, you have to be very passionate about media, events, news, entertainment, etc.

What Jobs Are Available For Journalism Majors?

To answer this question, here are some of the top and highest-paying jobs you can get with a journalism degree:

Content Writer

As a content writer, you can earn as much as $17 per hour. The major duty of a content writer is to produce and print online articles and content, website copies, product pages, video scripts, advertisement copies, email newsletters, social media posts, and more.

Doing all these things will require research, developing a content creation plan, working with brand guidelines, and checking market metrics.

News Producer

This is a very rewarding path, as you can earn as much as $46,500 per year from it.

The major duties of news producers are to gather news and select stories for broadcasting. These people also conduct interviews, write news copies, approve news scripts, and even create content for the web and social media.

Freelance Writer

This is another very good and rewarding job you can get with a journalism major. You can earn as much as $25 per hour with this job.

These writers work on a contract basis with companies and organizations in a wide range of industries. Freelance writers write B2B and B2C content such as articles, brochures, product data sheets, presentations, social media posts, and other deliverables.

Social Media Planner

The average annual salary of these workers stands at approximately $54,053.

The major duty of a social media planner is to plan, execute, and manage the social media strategy of brands or companies for the promotion of the brand.

They also execute the paid advertising campaigns of companies and build mutually beneficial relationships with clients, vendors, partners, and investors.

Digital Strategists

The average annual salary of digital strategists is about $65,000.

Their major duties are to collaborate with content development, marketing, and social media management teams to create promotional digital strategies.

These individuals stay up to date on emerging digital trends and identify the target audience for their organization’s products. Also, they produce and publish informative, appealing, and up-to-date marketing content for brand and product advertisements.

Public Relations Specialists

The average annual salary for these people is approximately $62,500.

Their major duties are to plan, implement, and oversee the public relations activities of an organization. They help an organization raise its profile in front of the public. These people also create presentations, reports, website content, and talking points for internal communication.

They write brand-related op-eds, articles, blogs, press releases, fact sheets, and other publicity materials for external promotion.


Funny enough, you can settle for becoming a journalist instead of going for the other career options. As a journalist, you can earn up to $36 per hour.

Journalists identify, investigate, and relay events and happenings. These people analyze and interpret the stories and present them to the public in a very good and understandable format.


These are some of the best career options you can go into with a journalism major. There are other options to go for as well. Some of them are:

  • Product marketing manager
  • Corporate communications specialist
  • Communications manager
  • Content manager
  • News Editor
  • Staff writer
  • Copywriter

These are very rewarding career paths to follow, with very reasonable hourly and yearly pay rates.

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