What Every Guy Wants In A Lady

The question of what every guy wants in a lady is not such that can easily be answered. Even if guys are not as complicated as ladies are as many people argue, it is still difficult to pinpoint what many guys will want from their life partners.

What Every Guy Wants In A Lady
What Every Guy Wants In A Lady

Therefore, the opinion of many guys were put together to make this article a balanced masterpiece of information.

What Every Guy Wants In A Lady

As many ladies look for their ideal man, they force guys of this generation to fit into prefixed parameters. They often do not consider the fact that they should also fit in, to get the right guy.

This article tells you exactly how to do that. If you want to get the right guy, become the right lady. Become everything the right guy will want so that you will be irresistible to him.

10 Things Every Man Looks for In A Lady

We all agree that you may require a lot of work on yourself to conform to the ideal parameters of the perfect lady. You cannot get there without knowing the best qualities to improve on.

Therefore, I present to you, ten qualities every man looks for in a woman. They may not say so, but secretly, they look for these qualities in every woman.

You Are Your Own Woman

No man loves a woman who is too clingy. If you want to win the man of your dreams, do not make your life revolve around him. Have your own set of friends, and try to hang out on your own sometimes.

Do Not Make The First Move

This is a matter of self-confidence. If he does not have the guts to make the first move, then he doesn’t deserve you. Gentlemen must ask ladies out, not the other way around.

Comfort And Security

Every man loves a woman who feels a sense of comfort and security around him. If you have identified your ideal man and you are at the point where you should move on to the next level. It is necessary to show a sense of comfort and security around him.

Show Him That You Care

If you want him to know that you want him, you have to show him that you care in every little way possible. Do anything whatsoever to support him even when you shouldn’t.

Be The Good Bad Girl

Men prefer girls who are flirty but have enough decency to say no at the beginning of a relationship. If you want to keep him, do not go straight into the act. Be a keeper.

This is one very good way to know the right man. One characteristic of the wrong man is impatience.

Set Your Boundaries

Every man wants a woman he can respect, if he knows he can get away with everything, he is most likely to misbehave. Set your rules. Date just one guy, do not date a guy who is seeing other women do not date married men. All these qualities will show that you are a serious-minded person.

Be His friend

Most men are looking for women they can relate with as opposed to just being sexual beings. You want to be able to hold very good conversations with him, play games and resolve issues together. This way, he can count on you for lots of issues.

Give Him A Break

If you are the type of girl that texts and calls your man umpteen times a day, men do not like that. Do not crowd his life with your presence. Give him adequate time to miss you.

Be Well Mannered

Good attracts good. If you want to want to attract the best guy to your life, you will have to be well-mannered. Ensure that he has similar good values. Remember to be honest and trustworthy.

Know Exactly What You Want

This is one characteristic that all girls want in their man. You have to know what you want in a man yourself. Do not be too unrealistic in your demands. If he doesn’t fit in, he is not the one. Do not waste your time with someone who is not trying to meet up with your demands of life.


Men like women who are not too dependent. No matter how rich he is, he will want you to be your own woman and make your own money. The right guy will support you as much as he can to become the best version of yourself if he sees you making good efforts.

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