Wealth Management Systems – Top Wealth Management Software of 2023

Working with wealth management systems is a good idea if you own a business or have a lot of assets under your ownership or possession. In fact, wealth managers use these systems to make their jobs easier and their client solutions better.

Wealth Management Systems
Wealth Management Systems

What is Wealth Management?

There is always a need to keep what you have amassed in check and make better decisions for expansion. This is the exact value you get from wealth management.

Wealth Management is the process of making certain decisions about the proper utilization of your assets or revenue. Financial investments, estate planning, tax planning and other financial matters are areas that wealth management cover.

Wealth managers aim to help people achieve financial security, and growth.

Who Are Wealth Managers?

Wealth managers are certified professionals that provide financial advice and services to people who need wealth management help. These professionals are often licensed to provide range of services such as investment management, financial management, insurance sales, estate planning and tax advice.

Their major goal is the growth of their clients. They help their clients preserve their wealth over a long period of time.

Do You Need Wealth Management?

The decision to hire a wealth manager is influenced by your financial situation, goals, and level of financial expertise. If you know what you want and are confident in your ability to choose the products and strategies that will help you grow and protect your wealth, you may not need the assistance of a wealth manager.

However, if you have questions that you can’t answer or needs that you would benefit from the expertise of a specialist, a wealth manager can help you make informed financial decisions and provide guidance throughout the process.

However, other regular advisors you work with, such as your accountant or attorney, may also be able to provide insight into whether a wealth manager can assist you with your financial needs.

What are Wealth Management Systems?

With the complexity of functions that they do perform, wealth managers need the best tools to organize, track and analyze the investments of their clients.

Therefore, although these systems or software could be used by you alone, you will still need a wealth manager if you need professional financial advice and have complicated portfolio of assets.

These software are designed to help financial advisors, wealth managers and individuals get and offer the highest level of digital wealth services.

There are tons of these types of software in the financial industry. However, we are going to give an overview of five of them.

Top Wealth Management Software of 2023

Lots of factors such as functionality, insights and totality of features were used to make this selection. The market is crowded with thousands of wealth management software. However, these are our suggestions for you to pick from and choose the best fitted for yourself.


The Management software, Allvue Systems, a leader in investment management solutions, is available to alternative investment fund managers, investors, and administrators.


They provide adaptable, innovative investment software that bridges the gap between information, systems, and people. Hence, improving decision making and streamlining processes to meet the needs of investors in private equity, private debt, and other alternative asset classes.


This is an accounting and analytics software solution for partnerships that tracks, analyzes, and reports the value of complex investments.

FundCount - Wealth Management Systems

Furthermore, it is suitable for fund administrators, family offices, hedge funds, and private equity firms, and it provides an integrated multicurrency general ledger and automated workflow tools to improve the efficiency of daily processes.

Also, it includes flexible, user-friendly reporting tools that allow businesses to quickly create and deliver consolidated reports tailored to each client’s specific needs.

Advent Portfolio Exchange

Advent Portfolio Exchange helps in portfolio management, performance measurement, accounting, and reporting. It merges the work of the front, middle, and back offices into a single location.

Advent Portfolio Exchange - Wealth Management Systems
Advent Portfolio Exchange

It allows investment managers to easily manage portfolios and strategies for individuals and institutions.


This system provides a comprehensive suite of solutions designed specifically for the financial services industry, particularly family offices and independent asset management.


Furthermore, wealth management, fund administration, and asset management are also part of the package. The solution is comprehensive, addressing all aspects of the financial sector’s transactional, financial, processing, and reporting needs, from the front-office to the middle- and back-office.


enVisual360, can be licensed module by module. This means you can only license what you need when you need it. it can be scaled to fit the size and budget of your company.

enVisual360 - Wealth Management Systems

Also, enVisual will provide immediate productivity and ROI. Unlike other products on the market, enVisual360 does not necessitate costly customization and consultancy. enVisual360 is designed for wealth professionals.

Finally, it increases productivity and reduces client administration costs, particularly in light of ever-increasing compliance requirements. The system is easy to use and includes basic data import/export functionality, which increases productivity.

Cost of Wealth Management Software

The cost of wealth management software vary according to features and capabilities. A basic wealth management system offering services like portfolio tracking and basic investment analysis can cost between $500 to $800 per year.

Continuously, more sophisticated wealth management software packages with sophisticated features like customizable reporting, automated asset allocations, and tax optimization strategies can range in price from $1,000 to several thousand dollars per year.

However, enterprise versions of wealth management software can cost tens of thousands of dollars or more per year for larger enterprises looking for an end-to-end solution with financial planning, client onboarding, and CRM tools.

Finally, consideration should be given to implementation costs for customizing the package to your specific needs, as well as ongoing support fees for updates and maintenance over time.

How to Choose the Best Wealth Management Software for Yourself

Here are the right steps to take when choosing a wealth management software;

Decide on the Features and Functionality Needed

Determine what features and functionality you require from your wealth management software first. Portfolio tracking, performance reporting, tax analysis, financial planning tools, client data storage, and other features may be included. Consider both your clients’ immediate needs and any potential future requirements they may have.

Look Around

Investigate various wealth management software vendors and compare their offerings in terms of cost and customer service. Also, check to see if the vendor you choose is reputable and has a good track record with clients.

Consider Integrations

Examine the software for integrations with other platforms or systems. See how they integrate with other tools that you use in your business. This allows all information to be easily shared across multiple departments within your company.

Read Customer Reviews

Finally, read customer reviews to get a sense of how simple the system is to use. A user-friendly interface will allow you and your clients to keep track of their investments. With this feature, you wont have to spend too much time learning the new system.

In conclusion, wealth management systems have come to make life easier for you, financial advisors and wealth managers. However, we have to be careful to make the right choice for our business because the market is crowded.

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