It is of best interest to consult with an Uber Accident Lawyer about an accident case before speaking to Uber or an insurance firm. Ride sharing companies like Uber and Lyft have become popular over the years. It is very quick and easy to order and get into a car without worrying about the destination. But what happens when the driver of the Uber gets into an accident?

Uber Accident Lawyer

If you are involved in an Uber accident whether as the passenger or not, you are entitled to have a case or file an Uber lawsuit settlement. There are several expert Uber accident attorneys you can reach out to for such case.

Uber Accident Lawyer

Accidents are not planned and happens all the time, but Uber accidents are complex and complicated due to insurance coverage. As a passenger in an Uber vehicle, if involved in an accident your driver’s personal car insurance might not be enough to cover for injuries.

Even if the driver was the faulty party of the accident, the insurance company or Uber may resist paying the claim or compensation. When injured in an Uber accident, you should first seek medical attention. The medical assistance can be of help in the case by:

  • Giving treatment needed so you can heal quickly
  • Provide a documented record of injuries and damages conceived if you decide to file a personal injury claim

Next, you might want to hire an expert attorney to deal with the complex Uber insurance policies and other process.

I Got Hit By An Uber, What Should I Do?

If you are struck down by an Uber car as a pedestrian or while driving your vehicle, you also have similar right as an Uber passenger who got injured in the accident. It is adviced to take safety precautions, contact the authorities, gather evidence, and talk to a lawyer after the accident.

I Am The Uber Driver Involved In The Accident, What Should I Do?

If you got injured in an Uber accident as it wasn’t your fault, you should contact an Uber accident lawyers with experience about such cases. You can also get claims and compensation if your case is well handled by professional injury attorneys.

Uber Insurance Coverage

Here are some cases where the Uber insurance coverage changes:

The Uber Driver Has the App Off

Uber drivers depend on their own personal car insurance if they are not using the car for work purposes or when the Uber app is switched off. If the Uber driver causes an accident while not having the app on, then their own personal car insurance will cover for the accident.

The Uber Driver Has the App On But Has Passenger On The Vehicle

When the Uber car is been used for work, Uber offers a supplemental liability insurance on top of the driver’s own personal vehicle insurance. If the driver is displayed as available on the app but not having a passenger at the time of an accident, their personal car insurance is used first.

Uber will then provide the liability coverage of about $50,000 per injury Which is maximum: $100,000 coverage / $25,000 for property damage. This coverage can be offered only if the driver requests it and their own personal car insurance is not enough to cover for the accident.

The Uber Driver App Is On And Carrying Passenger

In this case, Uber offers coverage for about $1 million for when accident occurs. This policy also applies to injured third-parties which include vehicle occupants, pedestrian, or bikers on the road. Also, the driver personal car insurance comes first before this liability coverage starts.

Uber Uninsured/Underinsured Coverage

Sometimes, the accidents can be caused by drivers without car insurance. If involved in an accident caused by other driver without insurance, then the Uber uninsured/underinsured coverage can help you protect your damages as well as the Uber driver’s.

Can I Sue Uber For An Accident?

It is not possible to sue the ride-sharing service itself, but you can take other legal action. An Uber driver is seen as an independent contractor to the company. As such, Uber can refuse liability for any crash that involves their drivers.

You should contact an experienced injury attorney immediately. If the Uber driver isn’t at fault, then the other driver vehicle insurance will come into the case. Even if the insurance isn’t enough to cover damages and sufferings, remember Uber has an uninsured/underinsured motorist policy. That could apply to help protect their passengers.

Best Uber Accident Lawyer

Here are some of the Uber accident firm you can reach out to:

  • Law Brothers Injury Attorneys
  • Edgar Sydney & Associates
  • The Dominguez Firm
  • John Foy & Associate

There are lot more others you can do research on and try out.

Uber Accident Lawyer Near Me

No matter what state you are living you can get an Uber Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles, Florida, Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, etc. You can do research online to quickly get the nearest and closest lawyer to your location. Here is how to Find Uber Accident Lawyer or Attorney Near Me:

  • Ensure you device location is turned on
  • Go to your web browser (Google Chrome)
  • Copy and paste the term “Uber Accident Lawyers Near Me” on the address bar
  • On the first result page, you will be offered several injury attorneys that are closest to your location

Click on any of the firm, there you will get the contact and website to reach out to them. Also, if available, you will be shown direction to visit the physical location office if you prefer to go in person.

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