Involving in a truck accident is crucial and complex, and that is why you might be needing a Truck Wreck Lawyer. There are a lot of recognized expert lawyers all over the United States ready and worthy for a truck accident case. So, it is very essential to drop your case in the right hands.

Truck Wreck Lawyer
Truck Wreck Lawyer

Imaging you waiting at a stop traffic light and suddenly you feel a blow to your truck. This impact can thrust you and your car into oncoming traffic. Truck accidents comes with an exceptional high risk of serious injury and property damage. And there are lot to think about in such cases, like the medical bills, lost wages, multiple potential faulty parties, and an uncooperative insurance company.

Truck Wreck Lawyer

Though, FMSCA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) has created a strict standard for training and regulating commercial truck drivers. This was to improve the safety practice of carriers and drivers. Yet, a lot of people still face the life-altering truck accident, some as a result of poor truck maintenance, driver fatigue or overload.

What To Do If Involved In A Truck Accident

There are some certain requirements you might need to put in place for when an accident occurs. And if you are able, then you should:

  • Immediately contact the emergency service after the crash for medical attention
  • Call a truck accident lawyer for consultation
  • Take a picture of the truck number and license plate
  • Get medical care and attention

After you are well, then you can start the journey of hiring a truck lawyer.

Lawyers For Truck Accidents

As a result of size and weight, truck accidents can cause a devastating injury. This is the major reason why you will need to get the best truck accident lawyers near you to represent and help you get the most in settlement or trial.

Having an expert on this cause doesn’t only help you get the most money for the case. It will also assist in the complex handling of the case on your own.

Personal Injury Attorney – Finding The Best Truck Accident Lawyers

You might have come across the term “personal injury attorney”. This is a person that handles injury cases, yet they have certain types of cases they handle regularly. When getting an attorney, you should go for one who has experience in case such as yours.

What To Look For In An Accident Lawyer

There are certain points you should consider when hiring an accident attorney or lawyer. Below are some areas you should check on before getting one:

Contingency Fees

Most lawyers usually handle personal injury cases on contingency fee basis. Meaning that rather than charging you per hour, they get percentage of the amount received in the settlement or trial. The typical percentage to be charged is around 33%, but can be higher if the case moves to a lawsuit or trial.

Applicants are responsible for side fees like court filing fees, expert witness fees and copying costs. In some cases, the fee will be removed at the end of the case from the settlement you receive. Note that you will also be required to pay the cost even if you lose the case.


It is very important that you feel free to talk to your attorney. Your accident lawyer is a part of your recovery team and will have access to a lot of your personal information. You should go for someone who you can trust and feel comfortable to disclose your information to.

Trial Experience

Getting someone who already has an experience in cases just like yours is important. You should find an attorney who is willing to put the resources in getting what you deserve in the case.

Setting The Right Expectations

You will want your medical team to offer you the best chance of a full and speedy recovery. And also want to have a realistic expectation about the case. If your attorney is setting expectations lower than yours, then you should ask your lawyer why they feel that way.

Best Truck Accident Lawyers

Here are some of the top accident lawyers you can check out for:

  • Seerden Law Firm
  • Blizzard Law, PLLC
  • Zehl & Associates
  • Charles J. Argento & Associates
  • Gomez Law Firm
  • The Chandler Law Firm L.L.P
  • John B. Scofield, Jr.
  • The Callahan Law Firm
  • Arguello, Law Firm, PLLC
  • Strong Pipkin Bissell & Ledyard, L.L.P.

Truck Wreck Lawyer Near Me

This is the main part of this article, “Finding a Personal Accident Lawyer near you”. There are several ways you can get one, but follow the step below to get free consultation and speak to a lawyer near you:

  • Go to the website
  • Select the option which is either auto accident, medical malpractice, personal injury, workers compensation, slip and fall, or wrongful death
  • Enter your Zip Code
  • Click on Find Lawyer

This will provide you with the list of lawyers close to your entered Zip code.

How It Works

You can read through the details of the selected attorney, then go to their website or contact them using the number if provided on the detail. Then you should follow the step below:

Provide the case

You are to submit a contact form either on desktop or mobile device. You will be connected to the injury attorney much closer to you.

Free Legal Advice

The lawyer will contact you for free without obligation and case consultation fee.

Get Max Compensation

Then you can find out what your claim is worth and if the case is worth pursuing. You don’t have to let the insurance company take advantage.

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