Top Romantic Couples Texting Games – Best Couples Texting Games In 2023

Are you in a long-distance relationship? You will agree that a lot is needed to keep distant relationships going. First, all relationships are fueled by communication. When the communication in a relationship is dead, it is as good as the death of the relationship itself. This article highlights the top romantic texting games for couples. With these games, you can boost communication in your relationship.

Top Romantic Couples Texting Games
Top Romantic Couples Texting Games

Top Romantic Couples Texting Games

Humans are designed to remain in a situation or place they feel comfortable with. One of the major determinants of comfort is the level of fun and pleasure.

Without fun and pleasure, your relationship will become boring, and no one wants to remain in a boring relationship. With games, you can keep the fun atmosphere in your relationship at its best.

There are different types of romantic games for couples, but the most recommended for long-distance relationships are texting games. This is advisable because the partners are not in the same physical locations.

Continually, if you want to spice up your distant relationship, take a look at the suggestions we have for you below:

Best Couples Texting Games In 2023

Here are some of the best romantic texting games for couples:

Marry, Kiss, Or Kill

This is one of the best games for learning about your partner’s preferences. With this, you will know the attributes that your partner prefers in the opposite gender.

How To Play

The game is played in turns. Pick out the name of a celebrity from any industry and ask your partner to choose between the options: marry, kiss, or kill.

After that, your partner can pick the name of another celebrity, and you can choose from the options.

Marry, Kiss, or Kill is a very fun game to play.

Truth Or Dare

Particularly, I love Truth or Dare, although I do not advise couples with security issues to play this game. This could lead to a very disastrous end to their relationship.

How To Play
  • Ask your partner to pick from the options “truth or dare.”
  • If your partner picks “truth,” you are allowed to ask him or her one question, and your partner is expected to say only the truth. If your partner picks “dare,” you are allowed to give a task, and your partner must do that task. He or she must send a pictorial proof of the task.

Fill The Blank Spaces 

This is a naughty and flirty texting game that allows you to know the thoughts of your partner. Here’s how to play this game:

How To Play

Send an incomplete text to your partner and ask him/her to fill in the blanks. This is one very good way to know if your partner is on the same page as you. A good example is

I have been thinking about you since _______, and the thoughts of you make my sky _______.

The Emoji Game

The Emoji Game is a fun and quirky game to play. It’s a fun way to communicate with your partner. Here’s how to play this game:

How To Play
  • Create a list of emojis to express what you want to say to your partner.
  • Send this list to your partner so they can guess what you are trying to say.

You can add a little twist to the game, such as a treat if your partner gets it wrong.

Never Have I Ever

Although this is a game that should be played using alcoholic beverages, it can also be played with a distant partner.

How To Play
  • Frame up the question you want to ask, such as, “Never have I ever kissed a dog.”
  • Wait for them to reply, “I have” or “I have not.”

This is the perfect game you can use to learn the secrets of your partner if you do not know how to ask them directly.

I Spy

This is a fun text game not meant for kids because of its flirty nature. It is a game that lets you get creative in lots of ways. Remember to ask about the things in your room and not anywhere else.

How To Play

There is one rule to this game. You can spy on the things in your room or the place where you are physically located. You cannot use the internet’s help for this.

  • Pick something in your room to spy on.
  • Text your partner with the words “I spy” and finish the sentence by describing the object. For example, “I spy on something hard.

Confession Game

This is a very good game to play with your spouse or lover. As the name implies, it allows couples to confess secrets to each other. This way, you can let out all the stuff you have always felt shy about. You can use this opportunity to share your secret or your deepest fantasy with your partner.

How To Play This Game
  • You can say something secret to your partner. Something that should have been a secret to them For example, “I confess that I kiss you in my imagination every night.”
  • Ask your partner to respond, for example, “I confess that I know.”
  • After this, your partner can do the same while you respond.

Personal Trivia

Personal trivia is a fun way that distant lovers can get to know each other better. It is an ideal game for people just starting out in their relationships and who cannot directly ask each other to reveal certain information about their personal lives. Here’s how to play the game:

How To Play
  • Ask your partner a personal question.
  • Wait for the answer from him or her.
  • Now, let your partner ask you a question. The game goes on like that.

Would You Rather

Would you rather is a very fun and engaging game that will help you get into the mindset of your partner. It is suitable for new lovers. With it, partners can know about their preferences and personalities. It is very easy to play. It only requires asking a few questions.

How To Play
  • Ask your partner a very simple question, such as, “Would you rather give up bathing or your phone?”
  • Wait for the reply from your partner.

You can ask more intentional questions to learn about the preferences of your partner.

The Last Letter Game

The letter game is one of my favorites because it requires the use of the mind. With this game, you can kill boredom and have a good time with your partner. Here’s how to play this game:

How To Play
  • Pick any category, for example, movies.
  • Now, text any word related to this industry. This could be the name of a person, movie, instrument, etc., but it must be related to that category.
  • Your partner has to respond with a related word starting with the last letter of the word you just texted.


One of the bedrocks of every successful relationship is good communication. If you are in a long-distance relationship, you have to take actions to make sure that the communication in your relationship stays alive.

Apart from games, sending a random “hi” is never a bad idea. You can send a message to let your partner know that you are thinking about him or her. All these will keep the fire burning in your long-distance relationship.

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