Summary of the Millionaire Fastlane By Mj DeMarco

The book “The Millionaire Fastlane” by M. J. Demarco shows you how to become incredibly wealthy or get financial freedom. Demarco tells you the secret to becoming a millionaire at any age, which is different from what financial experts, parents, or friends may advise.

To become a Fastlane millionaire, you need to grow a profitable money tree, take control of your time, and use the law of affection. This book is excellent for learning how to create massive wealth and enjoy a good life. Enjoy my Summary of the Millionaire Fastlane By Mj DeMarco by reading this full article.

The millionaire fastlane
The millionaire fastlane

Book Title: The Millionaire Fastlane: Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime

Author: MJ DeMarco

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Chapter Summary of the Book

The book is divided into 8 parts and 45 chapters. Here is a detailed summary of the chapters and parts of the book;

Preface and Introduction

“The Millionaire Fastlane” by MJ DeMarco is a book that offers a psychological and mathematical formula to unlock the gateway to wealth, with the belief that creating wealth need not take decades of work, saving, and frugality. Getting rich does not need to take 40 years, getting rich quickly is very possible and can be done legitimately.

DeMarco’s journey to Fastlane began when he saw his first Lamborghini Countach and asked the owner how he afforded it, which eventually led him to discover a hidden road to wealth that most people fail to see. DeMarco argues that the conventional way of getting rich, known as “Get Rich Slow,” is a decree to trade life for life and advocates for a complete psychological and mathematical formula that cracks the code to wealth.

Part One 

Title: Wealth In A Wheelchair…“Get Rich Slow” Is Get Rich Old.

This first part is about the beginning of MJ DeMarco’s story. It shares details of his upbringing, his unsuccessful business ventures, his girlfriend leaving him, and how he eventually relocated to Phoenix and succeeded with his limousine enterprise. The first section has two chapters:

  • CHAPTER 1 — The Great Deception
  • CHAPTER 2 — How I Screwed “Get Rich Slow”

Part Two

Title: Wealth Is Not A Road, But A Road Trip.

The next section discusses the attitude of an entrepreneur. It emphasizes two important points: First, that events do not occur without a process, and secondly, that your current financial status is a result of your financial plan. Thus, to alter your financial status, you must adjust your financial mindset and plan. This section contains the following chapters:

  • CHAPTER 3 — The Road Trip to Wealth
  • CHAPTER 4 — The Roadmaps to Wealth

Part Three

Title: The Road Most Traveled: The Sidewalk.

The third section discusses the Sidewalk. MJ DeMarco talks about two types of people who walk on the sidewalk: those who have a lot of money and those who don’t. He also describes how people can be misled into believing they’re wealthy and how money affects happiness.

In addition, he discusses the importance of luck and taking responsibility for one’s actions, which is called the Law of Victims. This section contains several chapters:

  • CHAPTER 5 — The Sidewalk Roadmap
  • CHAPTER 6 — Has Your Wealth Been Toxified?
  • CHAPTER 7 — Misuse Money and Money Will Misuse You
  • CHAPTER 8 — Lucky Bastards Play the Game!
  • CHAPTER 9 — Wealth Demands Accountability

Part Four 

Title: Mediocrity: The Slowlane Roadmap

The fourth section is about the Slowlane. DeMarco talks about how institutions convinced people to believe in the Slowlane, which is a lie. He explains why it’s not a good idea to work for 30 years just to make money.

He also discusses the Paradox of Practice. This section contains several chapters.

  • CHAPTER 10 — The Lie You’ve Been Sold: The Slowlane
  • CHAPTER 11 — The Criminal Trade: Your Job
  • CHAPTER 12 — The Slowlane: Why You Aren’t Rich
  • CHAPTER 13 — The Futile Fight: Education
  • CHAPTER 14 — The Hypocrisy of the Gurus
  • CHAPTER 15 — Slowlane Victory … A Gamble of Hope

Part Five

Title: Wealth: The Fastlane Roadmap

In the fifth section, you can learn about the Fastlane. It teaches you to be a creator instead of just a user. You will also understand how to calculate net profit and asset value. Additionally, you will learn how to make money without trading time through one of the five systems.

Lastly, you will learn how to use the Law of Effection to help many people, a little or a few people a lot. The chapters in this part are…

  • CHAPTER 16 — Wealth’s Shortcut: The Fastlane
  • CHAPTER 17 — Switch Teams and Playbooks
  • CHAPTER 18 — How the Rich Really Get Rich!
  • CHAPTER 19 — Divorce Wealth from Time
  • CHAPTER 20 — Recruit Your Army of Freedom Fighters
  • CHAPTER 21 — The Real Law of Wealth

Part Six

Title: Your Vehicle to Wealth: You.

Chapter six discusses building wealth by developing your character to become a Fastlaner. It emphasizes the importance of making your own choices, not letting others shape your identity, surrounding yourself with positive people, addressing the root cause of problems instead of just dealing with the symptoms, and taking smart risks. This part of the book contains several chapters on these topics:

  • CHAPTER 22 — Own Yourself First
  • CHAPTER 23 — Life’s Steering Wheel
  • CHAPTER 24 — Wipe Your Windshield Your Clean
  • CHAPTER 25 — Deodorize Flatulent Headwinds
  • CHAPTER 26 — Your Primordial Fuel: Time
  • CHAPTER 27 — Change That Dirty, Stale Oil
  • CHAPTER 28 — Hit The Redline

Part Seven 

Title: The Roads To Wealth.

The seventh section discusses the Fastlane roadmap. It focuses on the CENTS framework, which stands for Control, Entry, Need, Time, and Scale. This section contains several chapters:

  • CHAPTER 29 — The Right Road Routes to Wealth
  • CHAPTER 30 – The Commandment of Need
  • CHAPTER 31 — The Commandment of Entry
  • CHAPTER 32 — The Commandment of Control
  • CHAPTER 33 — The Commandment of Scale
  • CHAPTER 34 — The Commandment of Time
  • CHAPTER 35 — Rapid Wealth: The Interstates
  • CHAPTER 36 — Find Your Open Road
  • CHAPTER 37 — Give Your Road a Destination!

Part Eight

Title: Your Speed: Accelerate Wealth.

The eighth section discusses execution. It explains how to turn an idea into reality by concentrating on one business at a time and developing a brand, not just a business. This section contains chapters:

  • CHAPTER 38 — The Speed of Success
  • CHAPTER 39 — Burn The Business Plan, Ignite Execution!
  • CHAPTER 40 — Pedestrians Will Make You Rich!
  • CHAPTER 41 — Throw Hijackers to the Curb!
  • CHAPTER 42 — Be Someone’s Savior
  • CHAPTER 43 — Build Brands, Not Businesses
  • CHAPTER 44 — Choose Monogamy Over Polygamy
  • CHAPTER 45 — Put It Together: Supercharge Your Wealth Plan

The Five Fastlane Commandments (NECST)

five fastlane commandments
five fastlane commandments

The book portrayed five commandments for fastlaners. These commandments are;

  • The commandment of Need: Businesses are meant to satisfy the needs of people. Therefore, he advised us through his book not to chase money. However, to look at how your business will help other people.
  • The Commandment of Entry: The more the entry barriers to businesses fall or reduce, the more the effectiveness of the road reduces while the competition strengthens. The best way to overcome a weak entry is to be exceptional.
  • The Commandment of Control: We are advised to play in an organization where we have control or else, we will be at the mercy of other people.
  • The Commandment of Scale: To make more profits, increase the scale and magnitude of your business.
  • The Commandment of Time: Having a business that violates the constrictions of time is what you should aim for.

Who is This Book For?

This book is for the following sets of people:

  • Someone who wants to become an entrepreneur and learn the ropes of building a very good business system.
  • A salesperson interested in business and the psychology of money.
  • A blogger who is a marketer and wants to turn their blog into a business.

Lessons from the Millionaire Fastlane 

Below are seven good lessons you can learn from reading this book:

  • Don’t follow the Slow Lane: There are many problems with the way society tells us to live.
  • Create, Don’t Just Consume: Make something that is valuable for the world, solve a problem.
  • Follow the Process: Wealth creation doesn’t happen all at once, it takes time and several steps.
  • DeMarco’s Five Rules: Start a business that is based on control, entry, need, time, and scale.
  • Impact Many: The more people you affect, the more money you can earn.
  • Grow a Money-Making Business: Your business should be able to run without your constant attention.
  • Improve Your Execution: You don’t necessarily need a brand-new idea.

This is a very good book to read. it has made a great influence in my life and that of other people. Want to get full details of this book. Go for the Millionaire Fastlane download, get this book on Amazon through the link Below;

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To Sum this up, get Some Words from the Author of the book, Mj Demarco in the video below:

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