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It is true that Google Makes It Easier To Get Products In The Shopping Tab. Google is updating its Search Console with new feature that simplifies listing of products in Google Search shopping tab.

Google Makes It Easier To Get Products In The Shopping Tab
Google Makes It Easier To Get Products In The Shopping Tab

With this, Google is making it easier for ecommerce stores to list their products showcased in the shopping tab in search results. An update to Google Search Console makes it possible to list products without submitting a product feed or having to reverify your website.

What Are Google Shopping Listings?

Your free product listings can appear on the Shopping tab option provided by Google. This offers visual experiences for customers who are searching for products like yours on search results. Customers will be directed to your online site to complete the purchase flow.

What Is Free Listings?

Free listings allow customers online to see product results from your store across Google, like on the Shopping tab, YouTube, Google Search (.com), Google Images, and Google Lens. Participating retailers are eligible to display their product information organized and displayed for free across Google.

Where Google Shows Your Free Listings

Free listings allow customers to see your products from store across Google. If your products are eligible for free listings, then they may appear in different places across Google on search results.

Show Your Products For Free On Google

You can display your products on Google for free. But it is required that the products are eligible to be shown on Google search results. You can check here for eligibility requirements and how to submit your products for listings.

Listing Products In The Shopping Tab Via Google Search Console

Google is rolling out a new feature in Search Console foe website that sells product. The navigation item in Search Console titles Shopping tab listings will take you to the option where you can connect a merchant Center account.

Shopping tab listings
Shopping tab listings

If you don’t own a Merchant Center account, then you will be required to create one using the simplified sign-up process. With using this process, you can bypass some complex steps like verifying ownership of website and submitting product feed.

After you have connected your new or old Merchant Center account to the Search Console, then you will have to keep your structured data up to date. This is to get your products listed quickly on search results.

Updated Guidance On Product Structured Data

As Google is all about keeping to date, it is advisable to revisit the updated guidance Google published. You can check here to get the updated guidance from Search Engine Journal.

If you sell a wide variation of products, and they each have dedicated webpage, then it is advised to use a unique structured data for all items. Google didn’t previously specify whether variants for product would benefit from having unique structure data. But we now know that there is a benefit when it comes to structured data.

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