Do you know how to setup an LLC In Washington State? Washington is one of the home states for thriving small business community with over thousands of registered businesses. Small businesses account for millions on jobs, and this is more than half of the state’s private-sector workforce.

LLC In Washington State
LLC In Washington State

So, if you are seeking to establish a business in Washington, then this article is just for you. You can learn some tips and guides available to help you on setting up the LLC for your business.

LLC In Washington State

The term LLC stands for Limited Liability Company. Setting this up is the first required step in getting your business started in the state. Before you make payment to file for your LLC, you should get to do some research. This will help you save time and money during the process.

Starting An LLC In Washington State

Below are some guides and steps to take before making payment to file the LLC for your business:

Check For Name Availability

Before you register for the LLC, you should ensure that the business name you want to use is available. You can get this process done with a free step via the Secretary of State, and it only takes few minutes.

The Secretary of States limits how similar business names can be to limit customer confusion about businesses and what they do. If your search result displays other companies with same name, then adjust the name so it can be accepted and unique.

Hire A Registered Agent

Most of the Washington State LLC requires to appoint a registered agent for the business. The business owner needs to have a physical business location or address in the state. And he/she must be willing to accept the legal documents on behalf of LLC.

The registered agent is a member (owner) of the Limited Liability Company. But the LLC may rather hire a registered agent to get the requirement. Ensure to vet out any person that is hired for this role.

Reserve Your Domain Name

Almost every successful business owns a website nowadays. You will want to get your website name (domain) as soon as your business name is available. Business owner can do a domain name search online to check if the domain name is available.

Register Washington State LLC

To get this done, you are required to file a Certificate of Formation. This can either be files online on or via mail. There is a fee for online filings and the paperwork will be process within two business days.

Filing via paper also comes with a fee, and the Secretary of State processes the filings in the order of receiving. Note that expedited services are available for an extra cost by the filer.

Create Your LLC

Follow the step below to start the process:

  • Visit the website com/file/llc/
  • Enter your preferred company or business name
  • Click on Start Now
  • On the questionnaire page, click on “Yes, I want to form an LLC”
  • Enter your state and click SEND
  • You name will be checked if available
  • Provide your first name
  • Select if you have prior experience in running a business
  • Click on the number of employees operating under you
  • Select if your business have a physical location otyher than your home
  • Choose the state of your business, either already making money, launching soon (1-2 months) or planning for the future
  • Enter if your business is side business, primary income, or the next big thing
  • Pick your business category and click on SEND
  • Click on Save my progress and continue
  • Enter your last name and click on SEND
  • Provide your email and click on SEND
  • Add your business phone number
  • Next step is to appoint your Registered agent
  • Provide the physical address for your registered agent or select ZenBusiness as your agent
  • Select to register for EIN & Business Document, just EIN, just business document, or you will handle your own document
  • Select the LLC

Follow the guides and complete filing for the LLC. You might be required to make payment, so ensure you provide a correct payment method and get the process all set.

Get A Business License

For you to legally operate in the state, you are required to own a valid business license. Your Limited Liability Company can get the business license from the Department of Revenue. This process takes up to three weeks for business that required city or state endorsements. And there is a fee attached to it based on the type of business and the required endorsements.

Create An Operating Agreement

This shows how the business will go about operating daily. It helps to set the foundation for how the business goals and mission will be accomplished. The operating agreement contains:

  • Names and contribution of members
  • Profit and loss distribution
  • Meetings and voting rights
  • How to employ new members and deal with departing members
  • LLC management
  • Dissolution process

After the operating agreement is setup, you should place it in the company record book with the formation certificates from the state.

Employer Identification Number (EIN)

You should visit the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) website to get a free EIN. This is a tax identification number that is used for tax purposes and to create a business bank account. Some LLCs are required to get an Employer Identification Number.

File An Initial Report

The state of Washington require that new LLC should file an Initial Report with the Secretary of State within 120 days after formation. It is the first annual report filed with the state. Washington state LLCs must also file an annual report every year.

Correcting Filing Mistakes

You should check and correct the Certificate of Formation with the Secretary of State. This will attract a fee to get the Statement of Correction form. To avoid this, you should ensure the provided information and documents are correct.

Dissolving Your LLC In Washington State

This can be done by filing a Certificate of Dissolution with the Secretary of State. The form only required the business name, where the stamped form is to be mailed and the signature of a member.

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