Jumia Easter Egg Hunt is amazing decorated eggs Jumia is making available for all to have the best easter ever seen. Easter is a long awaiting day that many have been waiting for. Fortunately, the day is here. Would you want a memorable Easter celebration? Do you want the best-decorated egg hunt for easter?  then you are on the right content.

Jumia Easter Egg Hunt
Jumia Easter Egg Hunt

Jumia Easter Egg Hunt

Jumia having in mind the interest of all its users, made available a beautiful egg for the Easter egg hunt game for all to purchase. The egg hunt is a game where decorated beautiful eggs are hidden for children to find.

Thus, easter which is a very sensitive celebration is best celebrated it spending quality time with family and friends. However, to make it a day to be remembered, you will be needing the Jumia egg hunt. With the above knowledge, we will be showing you how to get the Jumia egg for Easter.

How to Purchase Easter Eggs on Jumia

Do you want to spend quality time with your children? Are you looking for eggs for the egg hunt game for easter? do you want to play an egg hunt game? Then you are on the article. Below are outlined steps to follow when you want to purchase eggs on Jumia.

  • Launch the URL of your country Jumia on your web browser (Jumia.com.ng) or you can click on jumia.com.ng.
  • Use the search bar button at the top left side of the website to search for “eggs hunt”.
  • Scroll down on the website.
  • Click on the egg you want.
  • Tap on the “add cart” button that is below the displayed item.
  • Click on the “cart” button that is at the top right side of the website.
  • Enter the “checkout” button that is showing the price of the item.
  • Scroll down and tap on the “proceed to next step”.
  • Below the website click on “confirm order” after filling the need form on the “quality your need and also means for making payment.

Follow the on-screen instruction to complete the process on the website. with the above information taken, we will be showing you how to play the egg hunt on Easter.

How to Play Egg Hunt Game for Easter 2022

Do you want to play the egg hunt game but don’t know how to? would you want to learn how to play the egg hunt game for easter 2022? Are you looking for a preface Easter game to play with your kids? If “yes”, stick to this content and you will have a preface easter ever. Easter is a season that renews the bond of having families. Thus, this is because they will have to spend a good time with their family and friends. However, below are steps to follow when playing the egg hunt game.

  • Purchase colorful eggs for any retail store. Thus, Jumia is highly recommended.
  • Use an open-spaced field.
  • Hide the eggs on the field while the children are not present.
  • And call them out to look for the eggs.

The above steps are best to be followed when you want to play the egg hunt game for easter. with the above, we will like to enlighten you on activities to engage yourself in, on easter.

Activities to Engage in in Easter 2022

To most people, easter day is a boring day for them. Well, that is not true. Easter is one of the most remarkable celebrations. Anyways, if easter day is boring for you here is what you can do to make it a lively one.

  • Shopping.
  • Visitation of family and friends.
  • Banking for cakes and other small shops for visitors.
  • Going on vacation.
  • Playing games.

You can always take a time out for self-reflection. This and many more are activities to engage in for a remarkable Easter celebration.

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