In this article, I will be given you full information on iPanelonline. The meaning of iPanel Online and what it offers, how you can get paid, and so on. The iPanelonline was founded in 2004 and was one of the original online panel delivers in China. It is one of the biggest propriety online panel companies in Asia.

iPanelonline Review
iPanelonline Review

The company has an over-all 6.5 million members global in over twenty different countries. It is absolutely one of the most reliable online survey sites that you must join.

iPanelonline Review

iPanelonline is absolutely the one to join If you are looking for an opportunity to make money online simply by answering questions with the online paid survey.

It is an easy-to-use tool that can be contacted from any device, including a desktop computer, phone, and even smartwatches. You can create new assets quickly and easily with an intuitive interface, with iPanelonline. You can also search for existing assets using keywords or phrases with the help of iPanelonline.

What is iPanelonline?

iPanelonline is an online company for marketing surveys that offers its members an opportunity to earn rewards through participating in their activities.

At iPanelonline, you can earn points with a diversity of research that includes quick reviews, online reviews, mobile surveys, telephone surveys for doctors only, or posting your thoughts on the forum board.

How Does It Works – iPanelonline

iPanelonline is an easy-to-use platform that can be accessed from any device. With iPanelonline, you can generate reports on the status of your assets at any time. You can also manage relationships with external such as patent attorneys or other third parties.

There are variances way to earn points. Once you sign up, you can refer friends and family and you will earn rewards. you can also earn points through an online survey, telephone surveys, and more.

You also get rewarded with points for your efforts on any complete online surveys. You can collect your points for cash through PayPal, e-vouchers, gift cards, virtual game credits, and more. The minimum redemption is 500 points and payments are sent 1-2 days after it is requested.

Which Country is Eligible?

The iPanelonline has expanded so much that it offers services to 20 countries including the following:

  • Malaysia,
  • China,
  • Hong Kong,
  • New Zealand,
  • Japan,
  • Australia,
  • Indonesia,
  • Korea,
  • Singapore,
  • Thailand,
  • Philippines,
  • South Africa,
  • Taiwan,
  • The United States,
  • Vietnam.
  • United Arab Emirate,

The platform can also be accessed in Chinse as well as in English. Any residents of all eligible countries who are at least 13 years of age can participate in their surveys.

Earn Money With iPanelonline

To earn money with iPanelonline is very easy and simple. One of the good news here is that you can join iPanelonline service for free. All you need is to sign in to the website according to your respective country.

To sign up:

  • you go to the website as I said earlier
  • Enter your full name and your functional email ID.
  • You will receive the confirmation in your email ID with a link from iPanelonline.
  • It is left for you to complete the verification and activation of your account to get started.
  • You will be taken to a page where you have to enter your asked credentials once your account has been activated.

Once the page opens, make sure you answer all the questions on the page. You will be asked on the personal profile page in detail. Note that all the info you will add on the personal profile page should be authentic and legit. A lot of members have had their membership taken away for making profiles with fake details.

The Earning Opportunities At iPanelonline

Now that you have an account with iPanelonline, it’s time to start earning money with the account. The question is, how can I go about it? Simple!

You can avail of different opportunities to make money with iPanelonline, they include Online surveys, Weekly Prize Draws, Referral programs, and Rewards.

Online Survey

The iPanelonline offer online surveys as a basic opportunity to make money. In addition, they also give interviews by telephone and survey through mobile.

The online survey makes it easier for applicants to participate and select freely which is accepted by more consumers with a wider range to make the survey result closer to reality.

The more surveys you accept to participate in, the more offers will find their way to your inbox. Your accounts can be ceased after a certain time of inactivity if only you are an inactive member.

Weekly Prize Draws & Friends Referrals

You can also earn points by participating in the weekly draws for their members. You also get more points by referring to family and friends on the panel. If they sign up with iPanel and complete a survey you will earn a point.


You will be rewarded with points once you complete online surveys. The redeem collected points for cash through PayPal, gift cards, virtual game credit, and more. The lowest redemption is 500 points and payments are sent 1-2 days after it is requested. Though it may take up to one week to process payment.

How Will I Be Paid?

iPanelonline offers diverse options for redeeming points. A trait that many other survey panels lack. You can redeem your point through:

  • PayPal account
  • Gift Card
  • You can use points for recharging
  • Get magazine
  • Virtual game credit

The lowest redemption is 500 points.  Note that most of their payments are processed and transferred in no less than a week. Only if your account is verified.

iPanel Mobile App

iPanel online has developed a mobile app for IOS and Android phones for survey takers to have access anywhere.

Getting the app and having to complete day-to-day tasks on your handheld device simply makes everything in life a tad bit easier.

iPanelonline Review: The Pros

Let’s see some of the pros of iPanelonline.

  • The survey panel recognizes the idea of a regular routine that users crave to opt for while making money hence they make sure to deliver the requests to participate in surveys regularly.
  • However, they know the willingness of getting rewarded for hard work so iPanelonline makes sure they pay well in time.
  • Lastly, the service is stringent on the privacy of the users. You can stay rest assured that your information is not going anywhere.

iPanelonline Review: The Cons

Is there any negative or downside on iPanelonline? Of course, there is nothing that comes without a downside. Below are some of the negative things on iPanelonline.

  • Every survey only has a handful of seats, even though they send multiple survey invites. So, users need to be prompt when it comes to answering surveys, a tad bit late and you will lose your chance and your invite will go to waste.
  • A lot of country members have protested that iPanelonline does not have enough surveys and they waited more than a week for an invite.
  • If you remain inactive on your account for six months then your points will go out of work and if your account shows idleness for a year then you will be terminated for iPanelonline in general.

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