How To Screen Record On Windows 10 With Audio

It is true that sometimes we do not know how to do even the most elementary things with our devices. Things like performing a screen record on Windows do not come easy on your first try.
Bearing that in mind, I have decided to come to the rescue with this article “How To Screen Record On Windows” since I had the same problem on my first trial myself.
How To Screen Record On Windows 10 With Audio
How To Screen Record On Windows 10 With Audio

How To Record Your Screen On PC

There are multiple ways to do this, two of them are explained below;


VLC is one of the most popular media players or software in the Market today. However, some people are unaware that with this software, you can record your screen with audio. To perform this function with VLC, follow these steps below;

  • Open your VLC player on your computer and then click on the “view” tab. from the list of options that appear, click on “advanced controls”.
  • Now select “media” and then click on “open capture device”.
  • Now, select “desktop” from the “capture mode” drop down menu.
  • After you have done that, select the frame rate that you will love to use in the “desired frame rate for capture” option.
  • If you want to include audio in your record, check “show more options” and you will need to have recorded the video previously.
  • After that, check “play another media synchronously” after that click “browse” to add the pre recorded audio.
  • Now, click on the drop down arrow next to “play and then select “convert”
  • Now, click on ‘create a new profile”.
  • On your next window, select the “encapsulation” tab and enter your “profile name” and select “mp4/MOV”.
  • When you have done that, click on the “video codec” tab and click on “video”. Choose “H-264” under “Encoding Parameters” in the “Codec” drop-down and then click “create”.
  • Click on “browse” to select the destination folder for your complete recording.
  • After selecting the destination folder, click “start” and you will see a red recording button to indicate that your recording has started.  You can then click on the play button to pause your recording.

After finishing the recording, click on the stop icon close to the playback button. After that, you will be able to see the recorded video in the folder you picked.

If these steps are too long for you, you can use an alternative and simpler method below.

Windows 10 In Built Game Bar Recorder

This is a very good alternative method to record your screen with Windows 10. It can be done on all Windows 10 PCs. Here’s how to use this free tool for screen recording.

  • Open what you want to record on your screen.
  • Now, you can use the short cuts “Windows key + G” and the Game bar will open. If this does not work, you must make sure it is enabled. To enable it, search for game bar settings and then open the menu that appears and click on “Enable Xbox Game Bar” button.
  • Immediately the Game bar finally opens, your recording tools will appear on the top left corner of the page, labelled “Capture”.
  • Click on the white circle icon to start the recording.  You will see a small bar appear on the right side of the screen showing the duration of your recording.
  • To add audio to your recording, click on the microphone icon and the Game bar will start recording sound with the default microphone.
  • When you finish the recording, click “stop” in the Game bar menu and or the timer to stop the recording.

These are some of the best ways to record your screen with audio on windows 10. Do you want to know How to take screen shots? All you have to do is to hold windows and click on PrtScn.

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