How To Lower Average Cost Per Click

It is very important to learn How To Lower Average Cost Per Click. You should avoid outbidding yourself to keep the costs down on your Google Ads campaigns. An average cost per click (CPC) is on the top path of everyone’s mind. The lower your CPC, then more clicks you can fit into your budget.

How To Lower Average Cost Per Click
How To Lower Average Cost Per Click

Until today, a lot of advertisers have been asking several questions on how to lower average CPCs. This article is a bit of an answer to that question.

How To Lower Average CPC

It is always important to note that an auction dictates the average cost per click. The cost you pay directly results from what you and competitors are willing to bid. One of the major ways to control what you bid is via manual bidding. Though, this forfeits over 60 signals that comes with automated biddings.

Also, bidding on same concepts in multiple campaigns or ad groups is a big-time budget buster. Before you bid on any idea, ensure you are not entering the same auctions with that concept.

For example, bidding on a keyword like “dog walker near me” in a campaign targeted at Boston and another campaign targeted at New York would not be driving up your auction price. If you bid on ideas or keywords that target an exact location, then this can cause duplicates. Abd duplicate keywords drive up an average CPC.

Ways To Lower CPC

Ensure to put to practice the below tips to get a lower CPC

  • Always use New Match Types.
  • Change Your Bidding Strategy.
  • Ensure to use Long-Tail Keywords.
  • Focus on Quality Score.
  • Lower Your Keyword Bids.
  • Make Your Ads More Relevant.
  • Try New Keyword Variations.
  • Try New Keyword Variations.
  • Use Negative Keywords.

Why Are Some Average CPCs So High?

Some advertisers in different region will have a higher CPCs because of the services offered. Location and cost of living also influences CPC. It is important to set realistic expectations for an average CPC.

If your budget is too low, then you won’t get reasonable Return In Investment (ROI) from your campaign. And when too high, your campaigns will get complacent. It is sometimes reasonable to opt into expensive keywords as they drive a higher value.


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