How To Hire Top SEO & Content Marketing Talent

Learn How To Hire Top SEO & Content Marketing Talent in 2023. And also, how to set your digital marketing team up for success through a winning recruitment and retention strategy.

How To Hire Top SEO & Content Marketing Talent
How To Hire Top SEO & Content Marketing Talent

Are you targeting to expand your SEO and content marketing teams? Three in four employers face difficulty in finding the talent they require. But don’t worry there are guides to help you secure the qualified candidates that you need.

How To Hire Top SEO & Content Marketing Talent

In this candidate-driven landscape, the main key is making sure that you are offering the benefits that today’s digital marketers’ values most.

Key Points For Hiring Managers

  • Apply the practice of benefits that candidates value the most. Some include Inclusive/diverse company culture, work-life balance, career development, flexibility, and competitive compensation.
  • Consider an entirely off-site work environment for most of the in-demand roles.
  • High demand + candidate-driven market = Competitive landscape with talent in control of conversation during recruitment.
  • Make sure that your company and job postings are appealing to the audience.

Look For Top Skills For SEO & Content Hires

It is sometimes challenging to determine if a candidates possess the required skill sets when hiring a content marketer or SEO specialist. A way to get more qualified applicants to your job postings is by aiming into the specifics of the role.

The most common skills required for SEO include:

  • Communication.
  • Content strategy.
  • Data Studio (Dashboards).
  • Google Analytics.
  • Keyword research.

The most common skills required by content marketers include:

  • Campaign strategy/marketing.
  • Communication.
  • Customer experience/user experience (UX).
  • Editorial.
  • Social media.

If you are starting to create and build your SEO and content team, then lean into your internal recruiting or hiring agency. You can create this agency if you don’t already have one.

The Average Content Marketing & SEO Salaries

The below data displays the national averages for SEO and content marketers. Though, the salaries vary based on the job description, what industry your company’s in, and the size or revenue of your current company.

Average Salary Compensation Benchmarks For 2023

Average Salary Compensation Benchmarks

SEO Position Early Mid Late
SEO Specialist $37,000 $49,000 $67,000
SEO Analyst $39,000 $50,000 $71,000
SEO Manager $50,000 $73,000 $108,000
SEO Director $70,000 $95,000 $139,000


Content Position Early Mid Late
Copywriter $39,000 $55,000 $78,000
Content Marketing Strategist $44,000 $64,000 $102,000
Content Marketing Manager* $49,000 $75,000 $104,000
Director Of Content $50,000 $90,000 $146,000


  • Early: 0-3 years*
  • Mid: 4-9 years”
  • Late: 10+ years*

*  On average

Location also plays a vital role in compensation.

Retention Strategies For Organizations

Work environment is critical. And business/company leaders should weigh the impact that their organizational plans could have retention rates and how much it will cost to replace key talent.

Always keep in mind what your talent values the most.

Below are some reasons why people prefer to work for their current organization:

  • A high salary or great financial benefits.
  • Good working/life balance.
  • Learning & development opportunities.

You can also implement something new to favor your team. This can be done by considering the team’s culture and demographic fit by knowing what they value the most.


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