Is Google Search Console A Ranking Factor?

Still wondering if Google Search Console A Ranking Factor? Then you are lucky to come across this post. Using Google Search Console offers to marketers an upper hand by helping them understand their site performance and identify issues.

Is Google Search Console A Ranking Factor?
Is Google Search Console A Ranking Factor?

Google Search Console: What Is Search Console?

Search Console is a free Google tool that helps website owners to monitor and fix problems with their site’s performance in the Google search results. There are a lot of helpful information you can get from Google Search Console to guide you on SEO efforts.

Google Search Console As A Ranking Factor: The Claim

The Search Console tool doesn’t offer access to every detail about your website. But it shares information on how to help Google crawl and index a website page better. Additionally, the performance reports display what queries a website display, the average search position of the queries, and number of click through to the website from Google Search.

Google Search Console As A Ranking Factor: The Evidence

Google has not mainly answered whether or not Search Console is a ranking factor. But let’s take a glance at the features and factors the Google Search Console tool offers:

It Adds A Website To Google Search Results

Site owners are expected to sign up for Google Search Console and submit their sitemap to Google. This can make Google Search Console seem like a required step to ranking on Google.

Though, you don’t necessarily have to submit your sitemap to be included in search results. Google automatically looks for websites. Just by publishing your website, Google will find it. So, submitting your sitemap is a best practice, but it is not required.

Fix Indexing Problems And Request Reindexing

Sometimes, websites or pages can be missed by Googlebot. This occurs because of an issue known as indexing problem. On the Search Console, you can check on coverage reports. With this you can see if search engine can find all your pages on your website. You just have to validate fix to let Google know that the error has been fixed. Getting your website and webpages crawled and indexed is required to appear in search results, but it doesn’t affect the ranking factor.

Improve Performance Metrics

After a website has been crawled and indexed, it can then compete with others in search results. Search Console doesn’t offer the ranking factors detailed, but it shows the number of people that see and click on your site. It also shows the queries (keywords) that your site is displayed for, and your average search position.

Performance metrics does not affect your ranking. It is only a measurement of outcome of your performance in Google Search.

Conclusion: Google Search Console Is Not A Ranking Factor

The answer is: No, Google Search Console is not a ranking factor. However, using this tool is important as it helps website owners to understand their site performance and identify issues. As you might have understood in this passage, sometimes Googlebot might miss some of your content. So, you can use the search console to get these errors and fix them.


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