Google and Yahoo SEO Comparison

Let’s get into what Google and Yahoo SEO Comparison and Needs are. The past few months have been really interesting times in the world of search engine marketing. But now everything seems to be settling. Google has been relatively stable for months now. And SEM world now has a better handle on the submission fees that was introduced by Yahoo.

Google and Yahoo SEO Comparison
Google and Yahoo SEO Comparison

There are some new basic riles webmasters and search engines optimizers ought to know and some old rules that are still important.

Google New Needs

Google still remains the most wide and popular search engine that doesn’t mix paid-submission/inclusion results with traditional or organic listings. Submitting to Google can be accomplished easily either by providing a link to the website from other sites in Google database. Or by directing Google to INDEX page of the website by providing the URL in search console.

Here are some several elements you should pay attention to before submitting your site to Google:

  1. Ensure that the titles and description tags match with the content. Among the best titles include an incident of targeted keyword phrase for search engine spiders to use. Also include the main topic of the page in the content. The description should contain some phrases that are inside from the body text of the page. Your website keyword meta tag should include popular misspellings of the main keywords.
  2. Google-Bot follows text links. Make sure that the website is open to full spidering via including text links to all major page of the website. Either through a sitemap of the website, or through a text-based navigation map that is found at the bottom of each page the website. For more larger websites, it is an important to include both mapping techniques.
  3. Get as many relevant incoming links to your website as possible. This step is really important as the “new” Google places very high weight on the number and quality of incoming links to your website. Recently, some sites with high page-ranks have taken to selling links, hereby making links a commodity.
  4. Always update the important pages in the site. Google continually reward websites with new content that is updated on a regular basis.

Yahoo New Needs

  1. Yahoo continues to change, most notably is that now its own search engine and doesn’t display data culled from outside sources. Yahoo has a large number of internal resources to point to. In the past years, Yahoo purchased a lot of most well-known search tools including Overture, Alta Vista, AlltheWeb, and the Inktomi database. Before submitting to Yahoo and its family of websites, webmasters and SEOs should be completely optimized efficiently.
  2. Just like many other search engines, Yahoo focuses on the title and description meta tags, looking for major relevancy in both elements. Like Google, the best titles include at least one target keyword phrase and a mention of the specific topic of the page the title applies to. A well written description tag is very important to Yahoo.
  3. It is very important that webmasters and SEOs leave clear paths through websites for Yahoo’s spider to follow.
  4. Keyword densities play a significant role at Inktomi and this seems to have carried through to Yahoo. The term keyword density refers to the ratio between the number of keywords measured against non-keywords that is used in the body text, title, link-anchor text, and meta tags.
  5. Submitting to Yahoo are basially different than it was in years past. Yahoo allows unpaid submissions but does not respider websites that have not paid submission fees as it respiders websites that do pay the fees. You are still required to pay a per-click fee for each click-through, webmasters of websites that will not change frequently to take advantage of the free-submit option. Submit every pages of the website.

Always remember that this is a time of flux and rules may change in the coming weeks as both Google and Yahoo updates their algorithms. Also, there is always the chance that Yahoo will make changes to submission and click-through fee structure.


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