Six Top Fasting Benefits You May Not Know About

The fact that fasting has been a popular practice for centuries shows that it is now generally accepted. It is accepted religiously and health-wise. We shall highlight the six top fasting benefits you may not know about in this comprehensive article.

Fasting benefits
Fasting benefits

Fasting Benefits

This is the total or partial abstinence from food or drink for a set period of time. Fasting is done in different ways. A comprehensive explanation of the types of fasting is provided below.

Types Of Fasting

The categories or types of fasting are listed below. Choose which fits you best.

Intermittent Fasting

This is one of the most common types of fasting. In this case, intake is restricted partially or completely for a few hours or days, and normal diet is resumed at the end of the fast.

Water Fasting | Fasting With Water

Except for water, all foods and beverages are prohibited.

Calorie Restriction

This is the type of fasting that entails restricting calories for a few days every week.

Partial Fasting

Partial fasting involves restrictions on certain foods or drinks, such as caffeine, processed foods, and animal products, for a set period of time.

Juice Fasting

This entails the intake of only vegetables or fruits for a set period of time.

You can try experimenting with the different types of fasting to know which is best for you.

Now that you know the types of fasting, What are the benefits you can get from fasting?

Top Fasting Benefits Supported by Science

The benefits of fasting listed below are more health-related than religious or spiritual. Here are some of the major reasons why you should fast sometimes:

It Reduces Insulin Resistance, Therefore Promoting Blood Sugar Control.

Many researchers have concluded that fasting helps improve blood sugar control. This is particularly beneficial for diabetes patients.

The reduction of resistance can lead to an increase in the insulin sensitivity of your body, allowing it to transmit glucose from your blood streams to your cells effectively.

Furthermore, some studies have shown that fasting will impact blood sugars for both males and females differently.

It Aids In The Fight Against Inflammation

Although it is healthy to have a minimum of acute inflammation to fight off infections, it is not healthy to have chronic inflammation.

According to research, inflammation can cause the development of certain conditions such as cancer, heart disease, and rheumatoid arthritis.

According to several studies, fasting can help reduce inflammation levels and promote better body health.

Improves Blood Pressure, Triglyceride, And Cholesterol Levels

The fact that heart disease is one of the biggest killers in the 21st century causes great concern. One of the most effective ways to avoid heart disease is by switching up your diet and lifestyle.

Some studies have recently shown that the incorporation of fasting into your diet may be beneficial when it comes to your heart health.

In addition, some studies also associate fasting with lower risks of coronary artery disease and diabetes.

It May Improve The Efficacy Of Chemotherapy And Help To Prevent Cancer

Studies of animals and test tubes have shown that fasting may help in the prevention and treatment of cancer.

Unfortunately, most of these studies are limited to the effect of fasting on the formation of cancer in animals and cells.

However, more studies are still taking place to show how fasting may affect cancer formation in humans.

Fasting Helps Increase Human Growth Hormone Secretion

The human growth hormone is a very vital hormone important for growth, metabolism, weight loss, and muscle strength.

Lots of research has shown that the secretion of these hormones may naturally be increased by fasting.

Also, fasting helps to maintain blood sugar and insulin levels all through the day. This may lead to the optimization of the human growth hormone rate.

Fasting Can Aid Weight Loss

This is the most obvious benefit of fasting. Fasting can help with weight loss by lowering calorie intake and increasing metabolism.

Researchers have also found out that fasting can lead to greater reductions in belly and body fat compared to constant calorie reductions.


Fasting is an activity that offers lots of benefits to the human body. Apart from total abstinence from food, drinks and water, there are different types of fasting, such as juice fasting, water fasting, calorie restrictions, and partial fasting. All these pose important benefits to the human body.

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