Going for Farm Loans should be an option for you if you own or operate on a farm. This loan can be used to maintain cash flow and cover various expenses like payroll and purchase of equipment.

Farm Loans
Farm Loans

As there are several types of farm loans, you will want to consider which of them is suitable for you small business financial needs. Getting any kind of loan depends totally on your financial history, needs, and preferences.

Farm Loans

Fortunately, you can be qualified for this Farm Loan Programs even if you own a new business of have a low credit score. This post entails the several must-know about going for a farm operating loan.

What Is Farm Loan?

This loan can otherwise be known as Agriculture Loans. They help borrowers to purchase, operate, or expand their farming operation. Such type of loan comes from private lender or organization owns by the governments such as USDA or SBA.

The several loan types come with their own eligibility requirements, rates, terms, and advantages/benefits. This is why it is important to compare all the available loan firm to get the one that suits your term.

Types Of Farm Loans

There is no shortage of farm loan in the world, and the most known options are as follows:

USDA Farm Loan

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) in terms with Farm Service Agency (FSA) have provided several loan programs designed for farmers and ranchers. Some of these loans are USDA direct loans while others are third-party lenders loan. All loans under this type are guaranteed to farmer in the U.S as well as farm businesses in the rural areas.

One of the importance of this loan is the down payment requirement and interest rates. Based on the need and use of the loans, the term can range from 10 to 40 years. And the down payment can be as low as 5%.

SBA Loan

This stands for Small Business Administration loans. It is guarantee anywhere from 50% and 90% of the loan amount for about $5 million. The 7(a) loan under this category is the most popular option. It can be used to pay for startup costs, inventory, equipment, expansion, or for other business expenses.

SBA loans needs a stronger financial profile like good credit score, sufficient revenue, and personal documentation. One of the benefits of this loan includes low interest rates, terms, and access to mentorship programs and entrepreneurial development services.

Term Loans

Banks and small lenders also offer term loans. When applying for a term loan, you are to receive a lump sum of money upfront. The borrower is expected to repay what you borrow over time through a fixed monthly payment over the agreed-upon term. Though the term loans are difficult to qualify for, but it usually offers low rates.

Lines of Credit

This loan offers a flexible form of financing. You can borrow any amount you would want as well as set up a credit limit. This can be done based on factors like credit score and annual revenue.

Equipment Loans

Some costly equipment is needed sometimes in farming. Equipment’s like Fertilizer spreaders, Balers, Seeders, Plows, Trailers etc. can be expensive to purchase. This loan can help you find the cost of this equipment, and purchase them.

Guides To Choose The Right Farm Loan

As said earlier, all loans have different terms, rates, and benefits. So, when applying for one, you are required to compare on which suits your need. It is also good to make use of a farm loan calculator like https://www.fcsamerica.com/products-services/digital-tools/loan-payment-calculator to consider your loan amount. Below are factors to consider when comparing the loan, you want to apply for:

Use Of Loan

The first thing to consider is what the loan is being used for. It is better to go for equipment loan if you are seeking to take a loan for funding equipment. While for payroll, marketing, or working capital, it is better to apply for term loan or line of credit.


Some loans like USDA and SBA have strict requirements. Ensure to observe your personal and business credit to know the best finance solutions for your business.

Loan Timing

There are loans where the funds will be issued to you immediately. While some other loans can take up to weeks or months for the loan funds to be sent to you. USDA and SBA loans are quite the best choice if the funds are needed immediately.


For people with no credit or bad credit score, a secured loan linked to collateral or an asset owned by them can help get approved for more funds. Check if you have any collateral you can put on the line to get a larger loan amount. Keep in mind that the lender will own the collateral if you default on the loan payment.

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