Do you know that Fortnite is the last game standing so it’s stealing ideas? If you love to find out about it then you should continue reading this article because we are going to find a lot of information on this page.

Epic Wants Fortnite to Be the Last Game Standing So It’s Stealing Ideas
Epic Wants Fortnite to Be the Last Game Standing So It’s Stealing Ideas

The new Impostor mode could be a foretaste of the outlook of Fortnite image. Epic Games have added a new mode which is called imposters where players complete tasks on a ship while two impostors try to teleport as many agents off the ship as they can cleverly.

It sounds like a familiar gameplay loop; many fans noticed that the mode borrows heavily. The fortnite story could be a foretaste in spite of the deceitful strategy by Epic, Impostors shine and astounding connections to the yet increasing Fortnite story could be a sample of the future of Epic’s shatter hit as it tries to be the eventual live service game.

While I am not a fan of how generously epic borrowed from among us, when you played Impostors, you may have found it pretty enjoyable in large part because it doesn’t mess with among us formula. As an agent, you will complete all sorts of rote tasks that are somehow a lot of fun.

Many of the tasks have Fortnite-specific tie-ins, such as punching the Peeley punching bag or tossing soda cups at a miniature Kevin the cube. And as an impostor, you will do a whole lot you can to cunningly take out your opponents and you may be able to do so while clothed as Ariana Grande.

Making good ideas is not really a new strategy for epic it is just the boldest recent example. Fortnite launched s a co-op survival game but epic quickly added the now gargantuan battle royale mode following the huge success of PUBG.

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