Dc Comics Cheetah is a fictional supervillain appearing in the American comic books published by detective comics DC. This was one of the deadliest foes of Superman as well as the justice league.

Dc Comics Cheetah
Dc Comics Cheetah

The Cheetah character which was created by the writer-artist Dan Jurgens with the description of having a cameo appearance in superman and the man of steel # 17. The character first appeared as superman in “The Man of Steel #18  December, 1992.

Are you a lover of fictional movies and stories? Are you a lover of characters in DC movies? Then the Cheetah character is another interesting one that plays the role of the archenemy of the superhero wonder woman.

Dc Comics Cheetah

This character appeared as an enemy of other Detective Comics heroes which include Batman and superman. It was created and designed by William Moulton Marston as an allegory of the folly of abnormal feelings such as jealousy.

Cheetah also has the allegory of another embodiment of what the creator “William Moulton Marston” called “less actively developed women”. This character was also emotionally misaligned and needed reform of emotion by a loving leader (wonder woman).

The character was specifically described as one of the most iconic enemies of Wonder woman. There have been incarnations of 4 different Cheetahs since the character’s debut Priscilla Rich. They are the golden Cheetah, silver age Cheetah, bronze age Cheetah, and the post-crisis and current Cheetah.

The Incarnations Of Cheetah | Brief History

The character always seeks a balance between human and animal nature and alternately she has been an enemy and ally to Wonder woman. The incarnation started from the archaeologist Barbara Ann Minerva’s reputation for going to any length to retrieve artifacts.

No matter the risk involved, Barbara Ann Minerva can go to any extent to retrieve the artifacts. Her attitude, unfortunately, ended in tragedy. This was after being obsessed with mythology and divinity to participate in an ancient arcane ritual that transformed her into a  human- Cheetah with a taste for blood.

Any time a friend of wonder woman Barbara Ann Blamed Diana’s inability to save her from the transformation she harbored anger against the superhero. This action drove her to the point of madness.

Barbara Ann turned two other women to hold the title of Cheetah; Priscilla Rich and her niece Deborah Domaine both of whom served as enemies of wonder in the Golden Silver and Bronze Ages.

Cheetah The Barbara Ann Minerva

Prior to the transformation of Barbara Ann Minerva the Cheetah there was a feline foe of wonder woman. The character was a gifted archeologist and close friend of a wonder woman before she was captured by the plant god urzkartaga imbued with Cheetah powers.

According to Wonder woman’s false memories, Barbara Ann Minera was raised in a group home in Idaho run by a woman named Aunty Lyta building different series Barbara Minerva got a job in Washington D.C as an expert in antiquities and searched.

Her life was changed by meeting wonder woman. This act empowered her, changing her into a Cheetah woman with the cheetah’s characteristic hunting prowess and speed.  She would spend six years next committing atrocities.

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